Lit : SUPERHOT & Race the Sun.

Lit: A look at Stream Greenlight successes.


SUPERHOT is a minimalist FPS were time moves as you do. So it’s dreadfully generic in that sense, however joking aside, this mechanic is incredible, not only in its simplicity but the layer of strategy it provides toward your own traversal within these blank white spaces.


The levels can be done as quickly as you can shoot. And dodge. Properly manipulating time is the obvious key, bullets float by in perpetuity as you plan your own offence. However ammo provided at the start of levels is extremely low, your handgun only containing four or five bullets, frantic stop – start runs ensue, making sure a single fatal projectile won’t strike you as you weave to a fallen enemy’s pistol.

All of the levels available within the Demo focus more on having a stong reactionary time, rather than aim. Enemies usually stand still in specific corners and crevices of a map, bullets that wiz by reveal other stationary stickmen time and again.

Simple and unique. The stables of Indie game design. And it’s what SUPERHOT captures best this philosophy. Although it is concerning whether or not a full length SUPERHOT game can keep the pace as sizzling as the demo and offer any variation on the current product, an issue I personally felt slightly crippled another highly rated indie game, Papers Please, after its own incredible demo.

However, you’ve got to check it out, it would be a crime not to:

superhot 2

Race the Sun:

Another minimalist indie, reminiscent of WIpeout, except for… pretty much everything wipeout minus the ship design and wonderous sense of godlike speed.


Arcady to the core, Race the Sun involves capturing those blue ”Tris” crystals seen above to increase your score, while ”Racing the Sun”. As the star gets lower you run the risk of a cold, cold death. Actually the movement is way more reminiscent of Starfox 64 than anything else. Not only in ascetics but in fluidity.

It’s a game that can be played day, after day, after day. Stages are random across the infinite silver plain. The want to bolster your score adds an extra level of difficulty, avoiding the numerous obstacles that include stationary objects and twisted moving monsters is just as difficult as collecting the crystals littered along your path. The need for greed is much more inviting then the need to just survive.

Check it out :

race 2

I’ll be trying to make ”Lit” a bi-weekly thingy as best I can, so check back for more, Thanks.



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